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Doctoral School of Engineering

  • Domain: Science and engineering of food bioresources

The infrastructure and human resources are jointly provided by the Department of Food science, food technology and applied biotechnology and Department of Aquaculture and environmental science.

The food related PhD programs organised by Dunarea de Jos University of Galati are:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Food engineering
  • Biotechnology

Industrial engineering focuses on industrial aspects of food and food production, aquaculture and fisheries, flow processes, quality control and management. The research in this area also aims at development, improvement and evaluation of integrated systems of knowledge, optimization of specific engineering methods and techniques, prediction and evaluation the scientific results to be used by the food industry, aquaculture and fishing industry.

Food engineering focuses on new processes development and design of new products, therefore including the fields of functional foods, modern/innovative techniques for food processing and preservation. Furthermore, the PhD programme aims development of processes e.g. separation processes, as well as chemical and sensorial characteristics evaluation, and wastes valorisation.

Biotechnology focuses on biological processes based on the use of microorganisms for enzyme technology and starter cultures production and their characterisation, on production of biopreservatives and of different biological active compounds, and on developing new functional food. In addition, bioconversion processes, study of biochemical and structural changing of bioactive compounds by means of advanced in vitro and molecular modelling methods are covered. Biotechnology techniques for agrifood waste biovalorisation and bioremediation are also considered.

The following Research Areas are covered:

  • Food flow processes
  • Food formulation, quality control and food safety assurance
  • Processes analytical technologies
  • Food safety
  • Hygiene management
  • Intensive and sustainable aquaculture of the freshwater and marine species
  • Integrated and recirculating aquaculture systems
  • Scientific basis of fisheries management and broodstock management
  • Genetic and nutrition of farmed fish
  • Welfare, health and environmental impact in sustainable aquaculture
  • Bioprocess technology
  • Enzyme technology
  • Starter cultures obtaining and quality control
  • Bioactive compound obtaining, characterisation and utilisation in food
  • Chemometrics and advanced analytical chemistry
  • Molecular modelling
  • Waste bioprocessing
  • Environmental biotechnology (bioremediation, biodepollution)

Domain coordinator

  • Prof.dr.eng. Gabriela-Elena BAHRIM

Scientific PhD thesis coordinators

  • Prof.dr.eng. Petru ALEXE (Industrial engineering)
  • Prof.dr. eng. Gabriela-Elena BAHRIM (Biotechnology)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Elisabeta BOTEZ (Food engineering)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Victor CRISTEA (Industrial engineering)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Lucian OPREA (Industrial engineering)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Anca-Ioana NICOLAU (Industrial engineering)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Maria TURTOI (Food engineering)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Neculai PATRICHI (Industrial engineering)
  • Prof.dr.eng. Camelia VIZIREANU (Biotechnology)
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