The Faculty of Food Science and Engineering is giving research high priority next to its educational programs. Our faculty aims to maintain the national leading role in food science, develop stronger international recognition and new collaborative projects with other prestigious Universities around the world. The continuous development of the research infrastructure and research results represents one of the most important managerial objectives of the present administration of the Faculty.

The strategy of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering is harmonized with the research strategy of the “Dunarea de Jos” University and correlated with Europe 2020 Strategy and Horizon 2020.

The success of this research strategy over the next years will depend on our community members' ability to:

  • attract new funding sources from different national and international research programs
  • continue to foster new research themes in different disciplines from all the study programs – mainly at master and PhD level, and increase students' motivation for research
  • encourage crossdisciplinary collaboration and aggregation in research clusters
  • increase the research impact of our faculty at local, regional, national and international level – with new applications of expertise, knowledge or insight, primarily delivered to the food industry.
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