Research Area

Research subjects developed by the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering

  • Research directions
    • New processing technologies that ensures food safety an equilibrated nutrition and sustainability
    • Food safety strategies correlated with an equilibrated nutrition and sustainability
    • Sustainability of aquatic biresources
    • Management of natural bioresources
  • Research themes
    • Optimization of the food processing technologies and unit operations
    • Valorization of the by-products and raw materials
    • Functional foods tailored for different categories of consumers
    • Microencapsulation and control released of the bioactive compounds
    • Studies on food products` minimal durability and extended shelflife
    • New packaging materials for foods and modified atmosphere packaging techniques
    • Food reformulation
    • Researches on emerging pathogens control
    • New bioactive compounds obtained with enzymatic hydrolysis
    • Rapid methods for food components identification
    • New foods obtained by minimal processing technologies
    • Phytobiotics and probiotics applications in aquaculture
    • Evaluation of the fish populations from Danube river
    • Stress control and illnesses occurrence in recirculating aquaculture systems
    • Optimization of the recirculating aquaculture systems design
    • New fishes species growth in recirculating aquaculture systems
    • Biosyntheses of functional compounds using enzymes synthesized by microorganisms
    • Enzyme kinetics from different vegetal matrixes and valorization of functional products
    • Fermentation processes design, control of the microorganisms and simulations
    • New methods for understanding biomolecules properties applying in-silico methods
    • Strategies for bioremediation de-pollution and valorization of the byproducts

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